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Print your Logo on each paper.


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Print your logo inside our famous Change book.

About us:

The Happiness Factory

The Happiness Factory is the official name for Tip of the day, an Egyptian brand that makes unique special products and corporates customized giveaways. It is based in Alexandria, Egypt and started in 2017.  

Our products are found in stores in Egypt and UAE, and are shipped worldwide.

We have a fixed 20% of profit for charity.


People Loves The Happiness Factory

January 6 · 2019

I love the happiness jar, the idea itself is inspiring and gives a positive push.

As well, I got their planner, it’s really good in terms of design, quality and writing space inside.

Rana M. Ghanem

December 12, 2018 · 

"The Change Journal/Agenda" is just worth way more that it costs..
I just purchased one a few hours ago and i'm already Lovin' every little detail about it.
"Such a Work of Art" ...
Keep on the GREAT Work
May Allah Shower this Community with All Greatness in both lives.. here and there after.. Amen Amen

Rowan A. El Faham

 February 7, 2018

Thank you so much, i requested the order on Monday and received it yesterday, very good communication and a head of time,, very good quality, colorful and positive :)Thank you for spreading the positive vibes

Sara Magdy