The Happiness Jar 4 -English ُEdition

The Happiness Jar 4 -English ُEdition

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Happiness jar - "English Edition"
How can I use the jar?!
The jar is meant to bring joy and happiness in your day. Be sure that each message is not a coincidence, try to do as each message says. Be a source of happiness, and share it with all people. Make it a safe box for charity whenever you pick a paper, put money in exchange.
Jar content:
70 handwritten messages about:
*Daily Tasks
*Life tips 
*Motivational quotes
*Career advice
*Happy messages 
The Jar comes up with:
1- Handwritten English messages 
2- Gift box 
3- Jar Magnet 
4- Sticker 9*9 cm
5- Gift Card (from - to)

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Perfect and thank you! ☺️

i got the jar for a friend of mine, she really loved it and i ordered another 3 different jars after that. thank you so much for helping me out to find great gift ideas like these!

btw, the costumer service agent was really decent and helpful. thank you all 😊