The Happiness Factory is the official name for Tip of the day, an Egyptian brand that makes unique special products and services based in Alexandria, Egypt. Our products are sold in stores in Egypt, UAE and are shipped worldwide.
Our very first product is " Happiness Jar" , " برطمان السعادة " that became a trend in 2017. Our first E product (Tip of the day mobile app) the first mobile application that sends Daily tips in Arabic language.
Tip Of The Day aims to promote positive thinking, motivation and morals. It all began in 2013, when we started to promote it on a low scale on social media.We established our Facebook page and shared daily tips and messages. After going viral, we started translating these quotes into English, French and Turkish to reach as many people as we can. Our main goal is to leave a positive impact in people lives, educate people to see and explore happiness around them, spread positivism, good vibes and help others through their daily challenges and struggles.
Besides, we a have a fixed 20% of our profits goes as a fund for educational organizations, public hospitals and several needs of the community. Our project provides suitable job opportunities with safe environment for girls and handicapped, in addition to helping women working from home.
Our products: برطمان السعادة 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, ابطال السعادة للاطفال و.Change book 2019
tip of the day mobile app available on android, soon on IOS.