Formal Black Change Book


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 Change 21/90. It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.

The agenda is named “Change” as it’s concerned about making change in one’s life and a bit of transformation in your daily routine to live a healthy lifestyle through 2019. It has 4 unique cover designs.

It offers its users a lot of tips and tricks to help them build new habits and break the bad ones according to the 21/90 days theory. It also presents a lot of tools to help you create a smart goal and how to perfectly achieve it. Besides, tracking your daily performance and many other aspects.

The agenda consists of:

  • Tutorials ( 21/90 theory, habit hints, setting a smart goal, well-being )

  • Mind map (for your daily routine)

  • Daily checklist

  • Notes section

  • Monthly calendar

  • Blank section ( for drawing & playing)

The agenda comes up with:

  • Leather bag

  • Wall calendar + 2 sticker sheets

  • 13 cards (to share with your favorite people)

  • 2 Sticker sheets with motivational quotes